Merry Christmas

December 10, 2014
celtic-christmas-card-MC2-largeMerry Christmas! I put together a list of 50 of my favorite Christmas songs. Some are old but a lot are contemporary. Join me this winter season and get lost in music! Hopefully you will discover some gems that will be added to your own list. Here is the list in no particular order. I have linked the songs for your listening enjoyment.
1. Tennessee Christmas – Amy Grant
2. Carol – First Call
3. Magnificat – Eden’s Bridge
4. The Snowy Birch Trees – Thomas Loefke
5. When Love Come To Us – Point Of Grace
6. O Come, O Come Emmanuel – Enya
7. Still Her Little Child – Ray Boltz
8. This Winter’s Eve – Sarah Hart
9. Merry Christmas With Love – Michael & Carrie Hodge
10. Follow That Star – Cindy Morgan
11. We Three Kings of Orient Are – Felicia Farerre
12. Christmas Time Is Here – Debby Boone
13. O Savior Of Our Fall Grace – Keith & Kristyn Getty
14. Balulalow – The Celts
15. The River – Rachael Yamagata
16. Huron Carol – Lianna Klassen
17. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen – Loreena McKennitt
18. He Shall Be Born – Wendy & Mary
19. Everything Changed – Eddie Kirkland
20. The Chipmunks Song (Christmas Don’t Be Late) – Alvin & The Chipmunks
21. Adoramus Te – Vineyard Music
22. Winter, Fire, And Snow- Orla Fallon
23. This Christmas – Felicia Farerre & Rich Gibbons
24. Down In Bethlehem – Lisa Daggs
25. Do You Hear What I Hear? – Deniece Williams
26. Baby It’s Cold Outside – Jill Phillips & Andy Gullahorn
27. Prince Of Peace – Sheila Walsh
28. Breath Of Heaven – Amy Grant
29. Sweet Baby Jesus – Sierra
30.  O Little Town Of Bethlehem – Jars Of Clay
31. Christmas Is Here- Michelle Tumes
32. What Child Is This? – Moya Brennan
33. Come On Ring Those Bells – Evie
34. Prayer For This House – Sarah Hart
35. When Christ Was Born/Stephen’s Day Session – Norland Wind
36. Fullness Of Grace – Margaret Becker, Joanne Hogg and Kristyn (Lennox) Getty
37. Tracks in the Snow – The Civil Wars
38. O Come O Come Emmanuel – The Celts
39. Star – 2nd Chapter Of Acts
40. Labor Of Love – Jill Phillips
41. O Holy Night – Lea Michele (Glee Cast)
42. Christmas Angels – Clannad
43. Coventry Carol – Lifescapes
44. Shout – Vineyard Music
45. I Cried The Day I Took The Tree Down – Felicia Farerre
46. After December – Jenifer Thigpen
47. Unto Us / Triptych – Eden’s Bridge
48. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen – Kim Hill & Phil Keaggy
49. One Small Child – David Meece
50. This Christmas – Plus One

Bethany Boehme Deliverance Interview!

December 5, 2014

Deliverance - Single

My good friend, Bethany Boehme, just released her first single to iTunes. We used to be in Youth With A Mission’s Kings Kids when we were kids. She recorded an incredible album and has now released the first song to iTunes. I decided to do an interview with her to give everyone a glimpse of the story behind the song and who Bethany is. Here is the interview:

1. At what point & age were you when you decided you wanted to do music?
I think I was 7 when I first sang in front of people and I guess it slowly turned more and more into a dream of mine after that.
2. What style would you say your music is?
I really don’t know what to say the style of my music is? When I sit down to play I like to feel the sense of His (God’s) Presence. I try not to ‘perform’ but just express me through my music and I sense that He likes it.
3. Your music is very unique, do you have any influences?
I love most worship music that really ushers in Truth and His Presence, not just cookie cutter fake stuff. I love music that brings peace to the mind, and kinda in a way forces all the ‘junk’ out. If I were to turn on pandora I love influences from Bethel Worship Live. I also like Loreena McKennitt (and a lot of) other melodic stuff like that. I love fast and heavy stuff as well like Fireflight or Skillet.
4. How do you write? What is the creative process like for you?
When I create I go to a quite room, to my music room, and I sit and I just start to play simple stuff. Then a melody will start to kinda flow and then I’ll search for a rhythm and other ‘sounds’ and then just see how to make something come together and begin to ‘flow’ without a lot of effort or striving. And actually if I start to feel frustrated I stop. I like it when I feel like Someone is helping me or inspiring me, but without that ‘creative flow’ I feel blocked.
5. Tell me about Deliverance?
‘Deliverance’ is about my own story of being rescued from depression and an eating disorder that almost took my life. I literally felt His Presence come to me when I was all alone in a cold room in ‘nowhere’ Alaska, and I felt a peace wash over me and tell me that I’m not going to die and that everything was going to be ok. A week later I was back home in Washington at a small gathering with some people from the YWAM (Youth With A Mission. Bethany & I were part of YWAM’s Kings Kids when we were kids) crowd. My parents made me go even though I didn’t want to be there. It was in a church and when the service was over I went up to the front by myself without an alter call and began to weep and pound the floor with my fists. I was angry because God felt so far away and I believed that all the darkness I had been experiencing for the last few years would never leave. But then all of a sudden I felt that Presence come back that I felt in Alaska and all of a sudden I was speaking in tongues and I felt this Presence again so strongly. And once I finally left that night I felt It leave with me and for the days and weeks and months and years that followed, I felt ‘It/Him’ Holy Ghost, never leave my side. I began to feel His heart for people, how much He loves, how far He will go, even to the darkest places, and that, in a nut shell, is what Deliverance is about.
6. Is there a message you want people to take from the song?
Yes, that it doesn’t matter where you are at, what you have done, how hopeless you feel. All that stuff is a lie, He is closer than you know and He longs to fill you with His Love and His Light so that you can Shine. All you have to do is call for Him. And I mean that literally.
7. How long did it take to write the song?
I think it took me about a day, like a few hours here and there through out the day with breaks in between. It actually came pretty effortlessly. I just sat down and began to play and more and more ideas just began to flow.
8. Any special story about the creation of this song? I think I pretty much answered that in question 6.
9. What prompted you to release Deliverance to iTunes? I’ve been wanting to release my songs for awhile but simply didn’t know how but finally figured it out. I also chose that one as a single cuz it I believe it carries a lot of His Presence in the song and I want Him to reach people.
10. Do you plan to release your full album to iTunes?
I would love to release the whole album at some point, I just, to be honest don’t have the funds for it. 11. How would one go about ordering your album? They would have to wait for the full album to be available on itunes, and in the meantime, go to my website to listen bethanyboehmemusic@weebly.com.
12. What does the future look like for Bethany? Do you plan to continue music? My dream for the future is to continue to create, and to also gain other musical forces to create with me. I already have a few musicians in mind that I currently spend a lot of my time with and we have already had a few ‘jam’ sessions. My next goal is to have a team/band.
For those who haven’t downloaded the song from iTunes yet, you can get it here.

The talent of Phil Rey & Felicia Farerre

May 13, 2014

10343680_10152334527050813_7742277315623970127_nWe are in an age where there is no shortage of talent running around. With shows like American Idol, America’s got talent & The X Factor people are coming out of the wood work. Go to Nashville, where it is over populated by people all trying to make it. Some people who have very little talent achieve great heights and then there are people with real talent that barely get noticed. We are in an age where record companies are not looking for real talent to promote but who is going to make them a buck. The Music business is full of people who hide behind sex appeal, wild costumes and elaborate production to hide their lack of talent.
Then you have artists, that because of their talent, they can do almost anything. They can do the elaborate projects but they also do a striped down performance or acapella and nothing is lost.
Felicia Farerre & Phil Rey are these kinds of artists. Felicia has sung Jazz, Celtic, Pop, Latin, Techno/Dance, Children’s, Soundtracks, Religious & even  jingles for commercials. The Tapestry of her work has been woven over three decades in studio’s from the USA to Europe. Phil spent 15 years as a live performer before entering the world of soundtrack music. Today he crafts some of the most moving Epic Music ever heard.
They have an incredible library of music that I love. But one reason I am excited about this new project is because it is simply a piano and a voice. Yet you don’t loose their incredible talent along the way. Watch this short clip of Phil & Felicia at the piano here.
Won’t you consider helping them fund their new album? You can pledge here.


Felicia Farerre & Phil Rey Indiegogo Campaign

May 6, 2014

20140429024553-We_need_youLast year, I stumbled across  the music of Felicia Farerre. I know I say this a lot but she has one of the best voices I have ever heard. I have been on a mission to collect every song that she has recorded. Now most of you know that Moya Brennan has been my favorite singer for the last 10 years. I even flew to Holland to see her in concert as well as other cities around the country. I can honestly say that Felicia is now my new favorite singer and that is saying a lot. She has been featured on a number of soundtracks as well as movie trailers. In fact in 2013 she won Female Vocalist of the Year for the Trailer Music Awards. She is the music industries best kept secret. Why she is not huge world wide is a mystery to me.
One of the composers she has been collaborating with a lot with lately is Phillip Ray. I discovered his music through Felicia. He composes amazing epic music for film, trailers & video games. They have done a number of collaborations together.
My reason for telling you all this is because Phil & Felicia just announced their indiegogo.com campaign to fund their latest project titled “A Million To One”. It features 15 love songs composed by Phil & Felicia and features just a piano and a voice. Help support the new album by pre-ordering a copy for your self. You will not be disappointed. The indiegogo site has lots of info about Felicia & Phil and their contributions to the music industry. There is also three videos that help explain who they are and what they are trying to accomplish. You can also get a free download of 3 of the songs from the new album. But don’t stop there. Please help spread the word about this incredible project by telling your friends & family, posting it on Facebook and Twitter.
To give you a taste of Felicia’s work, here are a couple of my favorite songs. Here is a link to a song called By You. Simply incredible. Listen to that voice.
Here is a song called “Shadows On The Hill“. It is a collaboration between Phil & Felicia from their last project together called “In Excelsis“. Available for purchase now.
Check out Felicia & Phil‘s sound cloud websites to discover more incredible music.


Julie Harris (1925-2013)

September 24, 2013

sc002e6bafMany of you may be aware of who Julie Harris and her contribution to broadway, Film & Television.  She is probably best known as James Dean‘s love interest in “East Of Eden“. Other popular films are “The Haunting”, “Harper” with Paul Newman & “The Member of The Wedding“. She has won a number of awards over the years for her incredible performances. Even though she did play the main character in a number of films she never reached the status of a major film star. Most of her film & television performances were that of a supporting role. She passed away on August 24th of this year.
My first Interdiction to Julie Harris was when she played Betsie ten Boom in “The Hiding Place” based on the life of Corrie ten Boom. Over the years, I have watched a number of her films and have become a fan. I have put together a list of my top 6 favorite Julie Harris films. She may not be the lead in all of these films but they are my favorite films that she was a part of. I have also included the movie trailers so you can get a sense of what they are about.
1. The Hiding Place (1975). This is the  incredible true story of Corrie ten Boom and her family who hid Jews from the Nazi’s during World War 2. It has been one of my top favorite movies most of my life. Julie Harris plays Corrie’s sister Betsie. An incredible performance.  Watch the trailer here.
2. Reflections In A Golden Eye (1967). This is a dark drama that is hard to describe. It takes place on a Military base and is a story of a man who has suppressed his homosexuality. He does not love his wife, who is sleeping with her best friend’s husband. It screams Tennessee Williams but was actually written by Carson McCullers. It is hard to describe why I like it but I do. It also stars Elizabeth Taylor & Marlon Brando. Watch the trailer here.
3. How Awful About Allen (1970). The story of a man who temporarily goes blind after the trauma of his father’s death. After returning home from a mental hospital, he is convinced that his sister’s mysterious border is trying to kill him. It has the feel of a Hitchcock film and stars Anthony Perkins from the movie Psycho. I couldn’t find the movie trailer on youtube but you can watch the full film here.
4. The Haunting (1963). It is the terrifying story of a Doctor who takes a small group to study a haunted house. This film, mild on today’s standard of horror, never ceases to freak me out. I can only watch it during the day. Why is it one of my favorite films you ask? Well Julie Harris, who plays the main character, does such a great job. I was blown away at her performance. Watch the trailer here.
5. I Am A Camera (1955). This story takes place in Germany just between the two World Wars. A young writer is struggling to make ends meet while trying to write a novel. He meets Sally (Harris) and she moves in as a roommate to help him out with rent. Little does he know that she is an aspiring actress who leeches on to him and not only doesn’t help with any of the expenses but depletes all of his resources faster then he can replenish them. She plays a character you love to hate. A delightful film. Watch the trailer here.
6. Harper (1966). Harper, a priviate eye, is hired by a wealthy women to find her missing husband. It is mystery that is a lot of fun starring Paul Newman, Lauren Bacall & Robert Wagner. Watch the trailer here.


Full Circle Jesus Music #192 He’s All In

September 18, 2013

full-circle-classic-jesusAbout a year ago I was doing an iTunes search for Annie Herring and came across a podcast for Full Circle Jesus Music hosted by Jerry Bryant. Most of you know that I have a love for Jesus music and so I downloaded all the 100 plus episodes for free and gave them a listen. I discovered a number of songs that I had completely forgotten and got to experience a lot of music I was not familiar with. Jerry also interviews a number of the classic artists. He had a radio show called Jesus Solid Rock back at the very beginning of the Jesus music movement and was Keith Green’s pastor at Last Day’s Ministries. His show is a listener supported show so if you like it, please support it. That is the only way to keep it going.
As I did some research, I found that Jerry lives here in Nashville and so we met and quickly became friends. When I’m in town, I join him and a bunch of other guys at Panera Bread for fellowship on Thursday mornings. As I have gotten to know Jerry more, I have discovered his love for people!
Over the last year, I have helped him organize his extensive, Record & CD collection and put them in order so it’s easier for him to find. He recently blessed me with my own episode. I got to pick out all the songs and I also helped write the episode. His has now been posted for your listening enjoyment. You can download the episode on iTunes for free or listen to it live on his website http://www.fullcirclejesusmusic.com. Here is what he wrote about the episode on his website:

Hi Everybody,
I have a story to tell on Episode #192 that is quite amazing…where a listener wrote to request songs and I found out that he lived just over the hill from me here in Nashville. So, Joshua Inman not only requested the songs for this show…he covered the cost of production…entirely!! He’s ALL IN!!
You’ll hear songs from Paul Clark, 2nd Chapter of Acts, Steve Archer, Whiteheart and much more…and of course, Joshua’s favorite artist…Sheila Walsh.
Give this story a listen and share it with your friends. Check out my Facebook page…Full Circle Jesus Music and ask to join our Facebook group!!

If you want to listen on his website, simply go to his site and click on the tab at the top that says Playlist 151-Present. scroll down to episode 192 called He’s All In.
I have been so blessed with his friendship and support in my own life over the last year. Thanks Jerry!


Grace by Leann Albrecht

June 24, 2013
20347_273396037766_1503904_nA lot of you know that I attend The Well of Nashville every Tuesday night. It is an amazing night of worship where the Lord shows up in a very powerful way each week. It is lead by veteran Integrity worship leaders Carl & Leann Albrecht. The other day Leann shared this on Grace and it has set me free and caused me to look at my walk with the Lord in a different light. I wanted to share it with you. So powerful.
 I had a FRESH REVELATION this morning as I read John 16! WOW!
Jesus was praying for the disciples. Anytime He is praying for them, that same prayer can be applied to US as His disciples.
Jesus would soon be going away and would send the Holy Spirit –
John 16:7-9 Unless I go away, the Advocate (Holy Spirit) will not come to you; but if I go, I will send him to you. 8 When he comes, the Counselor (Holy Spirit) will CONVICT the WORLD of guilt in regard to sin, righteousness and judgment; in regard to SIN because men DO NOT BELIEVE in me.
In verse 8 – Notice, He wasn’t speaking to “believers” in the first part of the verse. He said the “WORLD”. He said “the world has ONE sin – singular.” That took me by surprise! I would have thought Jesus would have expounded on a list of them. However, when I think of ALL the sins there are, they are too numerous to count. LOL! But because Jesus was ushering in the NEW COVENANT, there was only ONE SIN that remained – the ONE SIN that would separate us from Him . Here it is – NOT BELIEVING IN JESUS!! ONE SIN!
He brings conviction to a non-believer. He exposes their sin, unrighteousness, and ultimate judgment – SO THAT they recognize their need for forgiveness by a Savior, Jesus. EVERYTHING changes when that person asks Jesus to forgive their sins and BELIEVES on Him.
Then look at what He says to the BELIEVER.
John 16:10: and in regard to righteousness because I am going to the Father, where you will see me no more:
The Holy Spirit does convict us as BELIEVERS…but of what? He DOES NOT convict the BELIEVER of sin. Conviction of sin brings guilt and condemnation and need for atonement but since we are forgiven and He has removed our sins as far as the East is from the West, what is He convicting us of? He convicts us of our righteousness in Him! There in lies the only power to be free of sin. It has no hold over us when we see our identity in Christ. We are the righteousness of God IN CHRIST.
1 Corinthians 1:29-31
So what “judgment” was Jesus referring to in the second part of verse 10? …..and regard to judgment because the prince of the world NOW stands condemned – since ALL judgment has been erased from the BELIEVER by Jesus on the cross, to whom was He referring to? He was simply and powerfully stating that SATAN is already defeated, judged and condemned!
No let’s look at what else, the Holy Spirit is to us. He our Comforter, Counselor, Helper, Advocate, Intercessor, Strengthener, Standby. He has come to HELP us.
John 16:12: When the Holy Spirit – the Spirit of Truth – comes He will guide you into all truth AND he will bring glory to me by taking from what is mine and making it known to you. V15: ALL that belongs to the Father is mine…the Spirit will take from what is mine and make it known to you.
So when we fail and feel condemned, that is the accuser, satan, trying to convince us of a lie that we are not forgiven and to bring us into “separation” from our Father. When we believe his accusations, it makes us withdraw from our God because we feel that He is angry with us. But the reality is that He loves us unconditionally! He holds NO SIN against us…because of Jesus.
Jn.16:27 The Father Himself loves you BECAUSE you have loved ME and have BELIEVED that I came from God.
Look how happy “BELIEVING” made Jesus in verse 31, “YOU BELIEVE AT LAST!” He was overjoyed that the disciples were FINALLY getting it! I can relate to His disciples!
I was raised in a denomination that taught me I had to confess and repent every day or I might not be saved from ALL my sins. If that were the case, then it would be about MY ability to “get it right”, wouldn’t it? To make sure I confessed perfectly and thoroughly and didn’t miss one sin along the way. As if I could keep track of all them anyway!! LOL!
Because of wrong teaching, I was trying to make everything “right” in my own strength…which was impossible!! Only Jesus can make us “right” by HIS blood….and He already did! On the cross! God sees the Believer through Jesus.
I am totally forgiven, deeply loved and cherished by my Father God. Now I rest in the help of the Holy Spirit to walk this life, as He guides me into all TRUTH, taking all that belongs to the Father and making it known to me. Hallelujah!!! – Leann Albrecht
If you are interested. You can actually watch the Well of Nashville live each week on Ustream.com as well as past episodes. Just search The Well of Nashville. Here is our website: http://thewellofnashville.com
Here is Leann’s website: http://leannalbrecht.com