Bethany Boehme Deliverance Interview!

December 5, 2014

Deliverance - Single

My good friend, Bethany Boehme, just released her first single to iTunes. We used to be in Youth With A Mission’s Kings Kids when we were kids. She recorded an incredible album and has now released the first song to iTunes. I decided to do an interview with her to give everyone a glimpse of the story behind the song and who Bethany is. Here is the interview:

1. At what point & age were you when you decided you wanted to do music?
I think I was 7 when I first sang in front of people and I guess it slowly turned more and more into a dream of mine after that.
2. What style would you say your music is?
I really don’t know what to say the style of my music is? When I sit down to play I like to feel the sense of His (God’s) Presence. I try not to ‘perform’ but just express me through my music and I sense that He likes it.
3. Your music is very unique, do you have any influences?
I love most worship music that really ushers in Truth and His Presence, not just cookie cutter fake stuff. I love music that brings peace to the mind, and kinda in a way forces all the ‘junk’ out. If I were to turn on pandora I love influences from Bethel Worship Live. I also like Loreena McKennitt (and a lot of) other melodic stuff like that. I love fast and heavy stuff as well like Fireflight or Skillet.
4. How do you write? What is the creative process like for you?
When I create I go to a quite room, to my music room, and I sit and I just start to play simple stuff. Then a melody will start to kinda flow and then I’ll search for a rhythm and other ‘sounds’ and then just see how to make something come together and begin to ‘flow’ without a lot of effort or striving. And actually if I start to feel frustrated I stop. I like it when I feel like Someone is helping me or inspiring me, but without that ‘creative flow’ I feel blocked.
5. Tell me about Deliverance?
‘Deliverance’ is about my own story of being rescued from depression and an eating disorder that almost took my life. I literally felt His Presence come to me when I was all alone in a cold room in ‘nowhere’ Alaska, and I felt a peace wash over me and tell me that I’m not going to die and that everything was going to be ok. A week later I was back home in Washington at a small gathering with some people from the YWAM (Youth With A Mission. Bethany & I were part of YWAM’s Kings Kids when we were kids) crowd. My parents made me go even though I didn’t want to be there. It was in a church and when the service was over I went up to the front by myself without an alter call and began to weep and pound the floor with my fists. I was angry because God felt so far away and I believed that all the darkness I had been experiencing for the last few years would never leave. But then all of a sudden I felt that Presence come back that I felt in Alaska and all of a sudden I was speaking in tongues and I felt this Presence again so strongly. And once I finally left that night I felt It leave with me and for the days and weeks and months and years that followed, I felt ‘It/Him’ Holy Ghost, never leave my side. I began to feel His heart for people, how much He loves, how far He will go, even to the darkest places, and that, in a nut shell, is what Deliverance is about.
6. Is there a message you want people to take from the song?
Yes, that it doesn’t matter where you are at, what you have done, how hopeless you feel. All that stuff is a lie, He is closer than you know and He longs to fill you with His Love and His Light so that you can Shine. All you have to do is call for Him. And I mean that literally.
7. How long did it take to write the song?
I think it took me about a day, like a few hours here and there through out the day with breaks in between. It actually came pretty effortlessly. I just sat down and began to play and more and more ideas just began to flow.
8. Any special story about the creation of this song? I think I pretty much answered that in question 6.
9. What prompted you to release Deliverance to iTunes? I’ve been wanting to release my songs for awhile but simply didn’t know how but finally figured it out. I also chose that one as a single cuz it I believe it carries a lot of His Presence in the song and I want Him to reach people.
10. Do you plan to release your full album to iTunes?
I would love to release the whole album at some point, I just, to be honest don’t have the funds for it. 11. How would one go about ordering your album? They would have to wait for the full album to be available on itunes, and in the meantime, go to my website to listen bethanyboehmemusic@weebly.com.
12. What does the future look like for Bethany? Do you plan to continue music? My dream for the future is to continue to create, and to also gain other musical forces to create with me. I already have a few musicians in mind that I currently spend a lot of my time with and we have already had a few ‘jam’ sessions. My next goal is to have a team/band.
For those who haven’t downloaded the song from iTunes yet, you can get it here.

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