The talent of Phil Rey & Felicia Farerre

May 13, 2014

10343680_10152334527050813_7742277315623970127_nWe are in an age where there is no shortage of talent running around. With shows like American Idol, America’s got talent & The X Factor people are coming out of the wood work. Go to Nashville, where it is over populated by people all trying to make it. Some people who have very little talent achieve great heights and then there are people with real talent that barely get noticed. We are in an age where record companies are not looking for real talent to promote but who is going to make them a buck. The Music business is full of people who hide behind sex appeal, wild costumes and elaborate production to hide their lack of talent.
Then you have artists, that because of their talent, they can do almost anything. They can do the elaborate projects but they also do a striped down performance or acapella and nothing is lost.
Felicia Farerre & Phil Rey are these kinds of artists. Felicia has sung Jazz, Celtic, Pop, Latin, Techno/Dance, Children’s, Soundtracks, Religious & even  jingles for commercials. The Tapestry of her work has been woven over three decades in studio’s from the USA to Europe. Phil spent 15 years as a live performer before entering the world of soundtrack music. Today he crafts some of the most moving Epic Music ever heard.
They have an incredible library of music that I love. But one reason I am excited about this new project is because it is simply a piano and a voice. Yet you don’t loose their incredible talent along the way. Watch this short clip of Phil & Felicia at the piano here.
Won’t you consider helping them fund their new album? You can pledge here.


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