Felicia Farerre & Phil Rey Indiegogo Campaign

May 6, 2014

20140429024553-We_need_youLast year, I stumbled across  the music of Felicia Farerre. I know I say this a lot but she has one of the best voices I have ever heard. I have been on a mission to collect every song that she has recorded. Now most of you know that Moya Brennan has been my favorite singer for the last 10 years. I even flew to Holland to see her in concert as well as other cities around the country. I can honestly say that Felicia is now my new favorite singer and that is saying a lot. She has been featured on a number of soundtracks as well as movie trailers. In fact in 2013 she won Female Vocalist of the Year for the Trailer Music Awards. She is the music industries best kept secret. Why she is not huge world wide is a mystery to me.
One of the composers she has been collaborating with a lot with lately is Phillip Ray. I discovered his music through Felicia. He composes amazing epic music for film, trailers & video games. They have done a number of collaborations together.
My reason for telling you all this is because Phil & Felicia just announced their indiegogo.com campaign to fund their latest project titled “A Million To One”. It features 15 love songs composed by Phil & Felicia and features just a piano and a voice. Help support the new album by pre-ordering a copy for your self. You will not be disappointed. The indiegogo site has lots of info about Felicia & Phil and their contributions to the music industry. There is also three videos that help explain who they are and what they are trying to accomplish. You can also get a free download of 3 of the songs from the new album. But don’t stop there. Please help spread the word about this incredible project by telling your friends & family, posting it on Facebook and Twitter.
To give you a taste of Felicia’s work, here are a couple of my favorite songs. Here is a link to a song called By You. Simply incredible. Listen to that voice.
Here is a song called “Shadows On The Hill“. It is a collaboration between Phil & Felicia from their last project together called “In Excelsis“. Available for purchase now.
Check out Felicia & Phil‘s sound cloud websites to discover more incredible music.


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