Full Circle Jesus Music #192 He’s All In

September 18, 2013

full-circle-classic-jesusAbout a year ago I was doing an iTunes search for Annie Herring and came across a podcast for Full Circle Jesus Music hosted by Jerry Bryant. Most of you know that I have a love for Jesus music and so I downloaded all the 100 plus episodes for free and gave them a listen. I discovered a number of songs that I had completely forgotten and got to experience a lot of music I was not familiar with. Jerry also interviews a number of the classic artists. He had a radio show called Jesus Solid Rock back at the very beginning of the Jesus music movement and was Keith Green’s pastor at Last Day’s Ministries. His show is a listener supported show so if you like it, please support it. That is the only way to keep it going.
As I did some research, I found that Jerry lives here in Nashville and so we met and quickly became friends. When I’m in town, I join him and a bunch of other guys at Panera Bread for fellowship on Thursday mornings. As I have gotten to know Jerry more, I have discovered his love for people!
Over the last year, I have helped him organize his extensive, Record & CD collection and put them in order so it’s easier for him to find. He recently blessed me with my own episode. I got to pick out all the songs and I also helped write the episode. His has now been posted for your listening enjoyment. You can download the episode on iTunes for free or listen to it live on his website http://www.fullcirclejesusmusic.com. Here is what he wrote about the episode on his website:

Hi Everybody,
I have a story to tell on Episode #192 that is quite amazing…where a listener wrote to request songs and I found out that he lived just over the hill from me here in Nashville. So, Joshua Inman not only requested the songs for this show…he covered the cost of production…entirely!! He’s ALL IN!!
You’ll hear songs from Paul Clark, 2nd Chapter of Acts, Steve Archer, Whiteheart and much more…and of course, Joshua’s favorite artist…Sheila Walsh.
Give this story a listen and share it with your friends. Check out my Facebook page…Full Circle Jesus Music and ask to join our Facebook group!!

If you want to listen on his website, simply go to his site and click on the tab at the top that says Playlist 151-Present. scroll down to episode 192 called He’s All In.
I have been so blessed with his friendship and support in my own life over the last year. Thanks Jerry!


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