Hutton, Harper & Gabriel Laguna Days

May 2, 2013

Laguna DaysWhen I was growing up, I used to go to church with Joy Strange-Hutton. She has one of the best voices I have ever heard. Check out my old entries for the Blog that I did on Joy. Over the last year or so in doing some research on her I found out that she did the lead vocals on a project with Rick Harper & James Gabriel called “Laguna Days”. Joy & James were both part of the Maranatha! Music group Parable. This CD is amazing and I would highly recommend it to all. The first two songs are my favorite. The first song “Rescue Me” reminds me of a track off of the “Lord Of The Rings” soundtrack, course this album came out 9 years before the Lord Of The Rings. The CD is out of print and impossible to find but I was able to obtain a copy and have uploaded the songs to youtube. Click the song titles below to go to the video. It is too good not to share. I would love to know your comments on the album.
Album Credits:
All songs written by Rick Harper
Lead Vocals: Joy Hutton
Background Vocals: Joy Hutton, Rick Harper & James Gabriel
Synth Sequencing: James Gabriel
Drums/Percussion: Alex Acuna
Recording Engineer: Rob Pfiefer
Mix Down Engineer: Eric Diberardo
Produced & Arranged by Rick Harper & James Gabriel
Copyrighted 1992
Track List:
1. Rescue Me
2. Laguna Days
3. Hymn To The Homeland
4. Faded Memories
5. I Smile
6. I Wonder Who You Really Are
7. Will You Ever Know
8. Universe
9. In The Morning
10. Only To You


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