Not Today Movie

March 14, 2013

not-today-movie-posterLast week a good friend of mine, invited me to the premier of a new Christian movie coming to Theaters April 12th. I knew nothing of the story or the plot going into the theater.
It is the story of a young man (Caden) who has become disillusioned with religion. Through a series of events he ends up in India with his best friends who ditch him shortly after arriving. He meets a homeless man and his little daughter that are begging for food. They are from the dalit population. Not knowing anything about the dalit (the dalit people are considered the untouchables in India. They are lower then animals on the caste system of India. The government has abolished the caste systems but they still remain and discrimination of the Dalit people still happens. They have a hard time finding jobs and providing for their families) people, he refuses to help them. Later he says he will but doesn’t. After a sleep less night he is able to find the father and tires to help but the father has sold his daughter in to slavery to survive. He was told that his daughter would be well taken care of and work in the house of the rich. Through the help of Caden, they go on a journey to try to get his daughter back. The more they search the more they realize the ugly truth of what she was actually sold into.
It is a powerful story and I would recommend it to everyone. It was made by a church in CA trying to raise awareness of Child slavery in India and the world. It is not cheesy as Christian films tend to be. Well at least I don’t think it is. I loved it. It made me want to sell everything I own to help rescue these people out of slavery. All proceeds from the film will go directly to the efforts this church is making over in India. You can watch the trailer here. It is very important to pass the word and that this movie does well so they can raise as much money as possible. Especially the first week. Spread the word & let’s rescue some children! Their tag line for the movie is “No one is free if one of us is ins laved.” Here is the movie website.


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  1. this movie looks real gd, gd luck on the profits from it.

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