The Soundtrack of My Life

February 8, 2013

400534_300So my twin brother, Steve, had a great idea a number of years ago. He put together a play list of songs that he wold want played if his life was ever turned into a movie. He then wrote out the reasons he picked each song. About 7 or 8 years ago, I did the same. I recently revisited the project and updated it. I am posting it here to share with you. I have also linked the song titles to youtube videos when available incase you are interested in listening to them.

Love Will Be Our Home Sandi Patty from the album “Make His Praise Glorious
When I was growing up, we always went to Grandma’s house and had Christmas with my Mom’s side of the family. It was a very magical and special time for me. I realize this song is not a Christmas song but it reminds me of those happy times.
Simon Lifehouse from the album “No Name Face
Through out my life and especially in my days at school, I have been teased and picked on. Kids have always made it clear that i have never measured up. This song captures those experiences better than I could have ever written myself. God has used this song to bring about healing in my heart.
I love this song because it expresses my heart and was kind of like my mission statement while I was a Missionary in the Philippine Islands.
We’re A Couple Of Misfits from the Soundtrack “Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
Because of all the teasing I have gone through, I have had low self esteem for most of my life. As the song states, I used to call myself a misfit. During my Discipleship Training School in the Philippines in 1997, I was so surprised to hear a guy say “For years you have called yourself a misfit….” as he prophesied over me.
All I Ever Wanted Margaret Becker from the album “Simple House
Margaret Becker’s lyrics and liner notes in her CD’s have been a huge encouragement to me in my pursuit of Holiness. Just as the song says “I pray that every day I live, Your heart will be pleased.”
When I was in the Philippines, I struggled with the expectations that I felt I owed people back home who supported me financially. Now I realize that most of these expectations were self inflicted. I tried to out run them but they were always there. They prevented me from being able to fully rest.
Man After Your Own Heart Gary Chapman from the album “My Utmost For His Highest
This song is an encouragement to me as someone who was praying over me once said that I was a man after God’s own heart.
I’ll Give You Peace Sandi Patty from the album “Another Time…Another Place
When I lived in the Philippines, I would often take a small boat from the main land where our mission house was to the Island that I was ministering on. It is a 4 hour boat ride in calm seas and can take up to 8 hours if the sea is rough. I was always filled with fear and my stomach would be in knots before leaving on these trips because you never knew what the sea would be like. I could change within an hour. It was very unpredictable. I would sing this song to myself to help calm myself down. The Lord used it to give me peace. Especially the chorus and verse as they talk about winds and storms. Every time I listen to the song, I am transported back to the sea in that little boat. It has special meaning to me. Sandi’s song Hand On My Shoulder from the album “LeVoyage” has the same is the same for me.
Run Kutless from the album “Kutless
When I returned to the States from the Philippines, I was burned out and so tired of picking up my cross and following the Lord. I believed the lie that God didn’t have my best interests at heart and have built up a wall. I have been running from Him ever since. This song speaks of God waiting for us to stop running and spend time with Him.
When I was younger, I thought I new it all but when I came back from the Philippines, I went through a crisis of faith. It was as if the rug of my spiritual beliefs was ripped out from under me and I was left wondering “What Is Real“? I now want to believe because it is what is real and not becuase that is how I was raised to believe. The second verse in this song really speaks to me.
Wasted Carrie Underwood from the album “Some Hearts
The last 10 years or so, I have allowed my spiritual life to fall along the way side. I have not gone to church regularly and I have pretty much stopped my quite time altogether. I have been wasting time on things that don’t matter. I need to fully surrender to the Lord again.
Sanctuary Chris Rodriguez from the album “Streams
I have found over the last ten years that no matter how far I have run or turn away, the Lord is still covering me. This song has encouraged me to turn back to the Lord. It isn’t too late.
In our Christian culture we have bought the lie that once are saved, we are suppose to have it all together. So instead of being real and showing ourselves for who we truly are, we put on masks and pretend that everything is okay. So instead of finding help, hope and healing, we suffer in a prison all alone. This song speaks to that. I long to rip my mask off and be fully known but it is uncomfortable and I have all done this for so long I’m not always sure what it looks like to live without the mask.
Faithless Heart Amy Grant from the album “Lead Me On
I am encouraged all the time by people who know my struggle with Homosexuality and how God has given me the grace to not act on it despite, at times, the overwhelming temptations. People may see a strong Christian but they don’t see the battle going on on the inside. They also don’t know the games that I play in my head and heart. While I’m not proud of some of this, it is very real. I love the truth in this song and despite the temptations the desire to do the right thing.
You Get Me ZoeGirl from the album “A Different Kind Of Free
As I have stated, I have never quite fit in in life. I have always been just on the outside and this is evident in a lot of the things that I enjoy. Someone gave me a word from the Lord once and he said that God has made me different for a reason and not everyone is going to understand me but he does. This song is a reminder to me of that.
I love this song as it is my hearts cry. I long to give myself fully to the Lord and to have him heal all aspects of my life. I just love all aspects of this song.
So often in my life I get so focused on just arriving and becoming perfect that I miss the journey. We are more focused on the end result while God is more concerned about the process we go through. He loves to watch us grow. This song has encouraged me that no matter where I am in my journey to be patient and that God is in control. It is in my five top favorite songs of all times. In a way, it has become a theme for me. Annie Herring‘s song Your Father from her album “There’s A Stirring” does the same for me.
Together Ronnie Freeman from the album “Perfect Love
In today’s day and age we can’t afford to live life isolated. We become an easier target for the devil. It’s harder for him to attack a group verse and individual. I believe Community is the key to over coming our temptations and addictions since we can lean on one another and can pray for one another. It is the best and most proven system to help us grow & over come. This song speaks about that and is dedicated to the 3 guys that I am accountable to also my Wednesday morning Panera fellowship group!
He Covers Me Steve Camp from the album “One On One
The Music of Steve Camp has challenged and encouraged me much like the music of Keith Green. I get so tired of my sinful nature. I long to be free. This song has encouraged me to be patient with myself because he covers me.
Ever Be Enough SevenGlory from the album “Over The Roof Tops
I was deeply moved the first time I heard this song. It gives voice to my hearts cry.

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