Music from the 00’s (2000-2009)

April 26, 2012

A couple of years ago, I have put together a six CD set of some of my favorite songs from the 70’s & 80’s, the 90’s & the 00’s. These are songs from 2000-2009. They are each a two CD set. Last year I wrote a blog that featured my favorites from the 70’s & 80’s & last week I wrote one for my favorites from the 90’s. Now it’s time to do the 00’s. It is so hard to pick songs since I love so many but I have put them together to share with y’all. These are songs that have had impact on me & hold special please in my heart. You will notice with this collection there is a lot more secular songs then any of my previous collections. Before coming home from the Philippines in 2001, I primarily listened to Christian music and would only listen to secular artists that had a Christian background. After returning home, I have branched out a lot more. With that said, I still primarily listen to Christian music but I’m no longer afraid to enjoy or listen to secular music. I hope you enjoy reading over these songs. For links to listen to these songs online, go to: https://hermeyjdi.wordpress.com/ and click on the song titles.

A note to the artists:
Thank you so much for such a rich legacy that you have laid and given. I am truly grateful as the Lord has used these songs in my life!
Here are the songs in no particular order:
If You Say Go-Rita Springer
Remember-Josh Groban
Again & Again-Sheila Walsh
Show Me-Moya Brennan
Found By You-Across The Sky
Eternity-Misty Edwards
Eyes On Me-Celine Dion
No Other Hope-David Meece
Take This Life-Shawn McDonald
Beautiful Bird-Cindy Morgan
Voyage-Christine Dente
Understand-Jeremy Camp
Into Your Presence-Kim McMechan (Vineyard Music)
Go Rest High On That Mountain-Charlotte Ritchie
The Tower-Annie Herring
If You Don’t Mean It-Dean Geyer
In The Shadow Of Life-Niyaz
Without You (I’m Not Alright)-Article One
Where You Are-Kara Williamson-Tualatai
Who Is Faithful-Matthew Ward
Caelum Infinitum-Michelle Tumes
Shine Down-Lianna Klassen
Waiting For The World To Fall-Jars Of Clay
Keep Me Sailing-Eden’s Bridge
Wasted-Carrie Underwood
Dancing-Lisa Daggs
Ever Be Enough-SevenGlory
Hang On-Bridin Brennan
Rescue-Jenifer Thigpen (Women Of Faith Worship Team)
Incense Of Praise-Mary-Kathryn
Great & Mighty-Jason Kennedy
Spoken For-MercyMe
From Where You Are-Lifehouse*
May It Be-Enya
I Stand-Idina Menzel
It’s Only Love-Michael Learns To Rock
*Note about the Lifehouse song “From Where You Are”. Some may know this song from Lifehouse’s newest album “Smoke & Mirrors” released in 2010 but it was originally released as single to iTunes in 2007 so I have included it in this list.

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