Music From The 90’s

April 19, 2012
A couple of years ago, I have put together a six CD set of some of my favorite songs from the 70’s & 80’s, the 90’s & the 2000’s. They are each a two CD set. Last year I wrote a blog that featured my favorites from the 70’s & 80’s. Now it’s time to do the 90’s. It is so hard to pick songs since I love so many but I have put them together to share with y’all. These are songs that have had impact on me or that I grew up listening to. They all hold special please in my heart or a memory. I hope you enjoy them. I will be featuring the last set soon.
A note to the artists:
Thank you so much for such a rich legacy that you have laid and given. I am truly grateful as the Lord has used these songs in my life!
Here are the songs in no particular order:
When He Sees Me-Michele Pillar
Matthew 11:28-Reguge
By Faith-Kim Boyce
Can You Imagine-Tuesday’s Child
Holy Is Our King-Rita Springer
Hope-Sheila Walsh
Heaven Will Be Near Me-Michelle Tumes
Keep My Mind-Margaret Becker
The Loving Kind-Cindy Morgan
Mission Of Love-Kathy Troccoli
Evidence Of Love-First Call
Bring All The Walls Down-Sierra
Lesson Of Love-Ashley Cleveland
Of This Land-Clannad
Walls-Lisa Daggs
All My Heart-Twila Paris
All We Need-Out Of The Grey
You’ll Never Know-Rachel Rachel
Hold On Me-Two Hearts
Deeper Than Touch-Andy Landis
Faithful & True-Matthew Ward
Sanctuary-Chris Rodriguez
Your Father-Annie Herring
Listen To Our Hearts-Geoff Moore & The Distance
Satisfied-Kim Hill
This Is Love-Lesley Glassford
My Heart Will Go On-Celine Dion
I’ll Give You Peace-Sandi Patty
Seasons-Jamie Owens-Collins
Complicated Heart-Michael Learns To Rock
Near To You-Susan Ashton

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