March 22, 2012
One of my favorite artists in recent years is Mary-Kathryn. I discovered her when she released her fourth album “Dreams & Visions” in 2007. Mary-Kathryn has a call on her life to share the love of God through music. She fuses rich tapestry’s of “Christian” and “World” music together to create a sound all her own. The first time I heard her song “Incense Of Praise” I knew I had to have the CD. “Dreams & Visions” was nominated for a Grammy award and opened the doors for Mary-Kathryn to share her message with the New Age movement. Watch her interview on the 700 Club.
The time has come for Mary-Kathryn to finish her fifth album, “Wonders In The Deep”, and needs our help to get it done. Recording an album without a Record Label is very expensive so she has set up a kickstarter page to raise the support needed to finish the album. How kickstarter works is, Mary-Kathryn creates a page with the goal she wants to achieve. After you make your pledge, your credit card does not get charged until after Mary-Kathryn get’s enough pledges to cover her goal. It is either all or nothing. She has 27 days left to raise the funds needed. You can read more about it here. Come sow into Mary-Kathryn’s ministry and enjoy some amazing music. You can hear 6 unmastered songs from the up coming album “Wonders In The Deep” and read about the songs at her website. So far my favorite of the new songs is “You’re With Me”. Watch the music video for her new song “Deep Calls To Deep“.

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