This Can’t Be Love 1994

January 26, 2012
This Can’t Be Love was Katharine Hepburn‘s 49th Film and her 7th made for TV film. This was her 3rd to last film and her last major role. She only did cameo’s in her last two films.
In this film Hepburn plays Marion Bennett, a retired actress who spends her days doing the things she enjoys best. Her chauffeur, Grant (Jason Bateman probably best known as Michael Bluth from the TV Show Arrested Development), ends up running into Sarah (Jami Gertz best known as Judy Miller from the TV Show Still Standing) who pretends to be a big fan of his employer. She ends up being the writing agent of Michael Reyman (Anthony Quinn) who is writing his biography and was once married to Marion. Sarah reconnects them which at first looks like a big mistake. After all the hurt and angry starts to settle they find they are still in love.
This was a very charming film and I really enjoyed it. Hepburn largely plays herself so I’m sure it was an easy film for her to make. They even have a slide show of photos from her real movies & plays during the opening credits. This is a delightful movie and I would recommend it to all. This movie was only released on DVD in box set with two other movies, The Last Dance starring Maureen O’Hara & Family Secrets starring Melissa Gilbert, on Granada International (See Photo).

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