Grace Quigley 1984

January 12, 2012

Grace Quigley is Katharine Hepburn‘s 45th film. It co-stars Nick Nolte.
Plot: Grace Quigley (Hepburn) nearing the end of her life becomes lonely and tired of living. One day while sitting across the street from her apartment complex she witnesses hit man, Seymour Flint (Nolte) kill her horrid apartment manger. She finds out where he lives and approaches him about nocking her off. At first he is horrified but later agrees. She convinces him to take out one of her friends, another lonely person willing to pay for his death, as well to help with the cost of her death. Soon Quigley talks Flint into starting their own business of “Mercy Killing” to put old looney people out of their misery. The response is overwhelming.
This film sounds morbid and is a dark comedy but it is funny too. I would recommend it to all. This film is not available on DVD. Watch the Movie Trailer here.


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