The Iron Petticoat 1956

January 1, 2012

The Iron Petticoat is Katharine Hepburn‘s 29th Film. It is the only movie that she did with Bob Hope.
When Russian Pilot, Captin Vinka Kovelenko (Hepburn) comes to the USA, she is held by the American air force. Major Charles Lockwood (Hope) is assigned to show her around and teach her about America. While he shows her around she is trying to convert him to Communism. Lockwood convinces her to travel to London so he can hook up with his fiancee. Vinka Kovelenko is being followed by people from her country who think she is a trader to her country. They kidnap her and take her back to Moscow for punishment but not before she and Charles fall in love.
This was a delightful comedy. A pleasant surprise. I didn’t expect to like it. Bob Hope has some funny lines and Katharine Hepburn has a great Russian accent. The film was originally written for Hepburn but when Hope came on board he gave the script to his writers that gave it the Bob Hope work over. Hepburn’s best scenes where cut and became a Bob Hope film. Hepburn and Hope did not end of friendly terms. They never worked together again.
The film was enjoyable and I would recommend it to all. Today was the first time I have seen it. It has never been released on DVD but you can watch it here.


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