Suddenly Last Summer 1959

December 12, 2011

Suddenly Last Summer was Katharine Hepburn‘s 32 Film. It is based off of the play by Tennessee Williams. It was the only film that she did with Elizabeth Taylor.
The plot: The only son of Mrs. Venable (Hepburn) dies while on vacation in Spain with is cousin Catharine (Taylor). Catharine comes home suffering from what signs of Tramatic Stress disorder. She is labeled insane and is put into an institution. Mrs. Venable (who is abscessed with her son) attempts to bribe a young psycho-surgan to preform a lobotomy on Catharine to cover up the truth and keep her from slandering her son’s image. As Dr. Cukorwicz (Montgomery Clift) spends time with Catharine trying to determine if she really is in need of the operation, soon realizes she isn’t insane but has been traumatized by what happened to her cousin. At the end he gathers her family together and giving Catharine a “truth serum” allowing to share what really happened.
This movie was box office hit and is one of my favorite Katharine Hepburn films. I would highly recommend this movie but it has adult themes and deals with some heavy issues so it should not be shown to kids. The play is believed to have some biographical aspects from Tennessee Williams own life. The gay themes in the play have been dulled down for the movie. Williams was vocal about his displeasure with the final film even though he was credited as helping to write the movie script. Watch the movie trailer here.


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