A Woman Rebels

November 14, 2011

A Woman Rebels is Katharine Hepburn‘s 11th film. This was Kate’s second costume drama. It is a women’s rights drama set in Victorian England. Kate probably did this film as her Mother was in the women’s rights movement.
The Plot: Pamela Thistlewaite (Hepburn), an intelligent young women refuses to accept the stric rules for women in the Victorian era. First at home with her father then after she moves out in socitey. After the death of her sister, she rasis her sister’s baby as her own. She also gets a job, unheard of for a women to work in that time, at a women’s magazine. Being a women, she is able to transform the magazine into what women really want to read. She also helps women who have no hope. In the end she ends up marrying a man who has been after her for years.
I’m not sure how this film did in the box office. Most of Kate’s early films didn’t do well. Being a guy, I didn’t care for the whole Women’s Rights thing but I’m sure women will love it. For me the best part of this film is Kate’s amazing costumes. It is worth watching at least once just for that.
This flilm has been released on DVD through the Warner Archive Collection.


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