Bringing Up Baby

November 4, 2011

Bringing Up Baby is my favorite Katharine Hepburn film. It was released in 1938 and was Katharine’s 14th film. By the time the film came out, the Independant Theater Owners of America included Katharine on a list of actors considered “Box Office Posion”. The film bolmbed at the box office but today it is considered one of Katharine’s best films. This was not the first or last time she would work with Cary Grant.
Movie Plot: Zoology professor Dr. David Huxley (Grant) gets the great news that the rare bone to finish his brontosaurus skeleton, 4 years in the making, has been found and is on it’s way. It will arrive the same day he is set to marry his assistant. He heads off to play a game of golf with Alexander Peabody who represents Mrs. Carloten Random who might donate 1 million dollars to his work. David has a run in with Susan Vance (Hepburn) at the golf course. From that point on she manipulates David into a series of miss adventures which screw up his plans and he winds up helping her get her pet leapoard to her farm in Conneticut. The Leopard gets out and they end up chasing it all over Conneticut making for one of the best screwball comedies in history. This film is hilarious and I would recommend it to everyone. If you don’t listen to any of my Katharine Hepburn film reviews, at least check this one out. You won’t be disappointed. Check out the movie trailer here.


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