Music from the 70’s & 80’s

October 28, 2010

Hey everyone-
It’s been a while since I posted last. I have been busy working two jobs. I’m traveling for Women Of Faith and still loving it. I’m on the East Coast tour and we are winding down so I don’t have many weekends left with them. This year went by really fast. I am also working at Thrifsmart in Nashville. It’s a local thrift store and I love it. I am in charge of the book department. I have turned it into a book store and it looks great. Working the two jobs leaves me little time for anything else.

Recently, I have put together a six CD set of some of my favorite songs from the 70’s & 80’s, the 90’s & the 2000’s. They are each a two CD set. It is so hard to pick songs since I love so many of them but I have put them together to share with y’all. These are songs that have had impact on me or that I grew up listening to. They all hold special memories for me. I hope you enjoy them. I will be featuring all three sets over the next couple of months. Click on each link and it will take you to either a youtube video or to amazon’s MP3 site where you can listen to a clip of the song. May you be truly blessed listening to these songs as I have been. Let yourself be transported back to the 70’s & 80’s. A note to the artists:
Thank you so much for such a rich legacy that you have laid and given. I am truly grateful as the Lord has used these songs in my life!
Here are the songs in no particular order:
Fly Eagle Fly – White Heart
What Do You Know (That I Don’t) – Sheila Walsh
Cosmic Cowboy – Barry McGuire
Prince Song – 2nd Chapter Of Acts
When God Ran – Benny Hester
He’s Alive – Don Francisco
Where Are The Other Nine? – Geoff Moore
Not Of This World – Petra
The Church (Lord, Every Nation On Earth Shall Adore You) – John Michael Talbot
Do Something Now – CAUSE (Christian Artists United to Save The Earth)
Breaking Through – First Call
Exalt The Name – Sandi Patty
I’m Not Alone – Russ Taff
Stay For Awhile – Amy Grant
Never For Nothing – Margaret Becker
Got To Decide – Joy Cull
Healing – Denience Williams
Living In Laodicea – Steve Camp
The Unknown Solider – David Meece
Love Crucified A Rose – Michael Card
Part The Waters – Evie
Go Tell The World – Silverwind
I Belong To You – Kathy Troccoli
In The Morning Time – Tramaine
Strength Of My Life – Leslie (Sam) Phillips
Here – Kim Boyce
Love Eyes – Jamie Owens-Collins
Cowboy Stories – Marvin & Gentry
Through His Eyes Of Love – Steve Archer
Song For Josiah – Keith Green
Right For You – Debby Boone & Michael Omartian
Rise Again – Dallas Holm
Watch The Lamb – Ray Boltz
Let The Wind Blow – The Imperials

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