Ben Kolarcik Room To Breathe

July 19, 2010

If the name Ben Kolarick is not familiar to you then now is the time to find out about him. You may remember him from the group Across The Sky. Across The Sky was an amazing group that unfortunately disbanded after one album. Justin Unger (the other member of Across The Sky) has released a number of albums and EP’s and I have been waiting for Ben to do the same. I am happy to report that Ben’s long awaited solo album is now available! It is amazing. Some of the songs are familair to me as he has had them playing on his website & myspace page for awhile. It is a rock album and one he is very proud of. It is too early for me to pick any favorites but it is an awesome album. I would highly recommend it! He has an amazing voice! He is currently working on a worship and is offering the “Prelude” EP of the songs he’s finished so far from his website. Ben is also offering the song “Be Exalted” as a free digital download on his website. It is an amazing worship song. He currently leads worship at Discovery Church in Simi Valley, CA. Check out his music. You will not be disappointed! You can follow Ben on Twitter. Here is Ben’s Discoraphy:
Ben Kolarcik (Independent Release)
Across The Sky 2003
CCM’s Top 100 Greatest Songs (Across The Sky-When God Ran) 2004
Wow Hits 2004 (Across The Sky-Masquerade) 2004
-Top 20 Indie Worship (Duet with Ben & Erica Dean on Devoted) 2008
-Room To Breate 2010
-Prelude 2010


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