Joy Strange-Hutton

May 13, 2010

The first church I remember attending was a Calvary Chapel Church in Chico, WA where Bob Cull was Pastor. I knew growing up that he and his wife Joy used to do albums but never thought much of it as a kid. In recent years, I have been able to get a hold of these albums and I love them. Joy has one of the most amazing voices I have ever heard. I have become a big fan and have tried to get all of the songs that she recorded. Here is a brief history of her life and musical legacy.
Joy Strange was born in Kansas and raised in Southern California. As a teen she attended Chuck Smith’s Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa. Joy and her friend, Cynthia Young, often shared original songs they wrote at many of the evening services. Eventually the girls joined a couple of other musician’s from the church and formed the band Selah. The band never recorded an album but they did record the song “In Jesus Name” on the very first Maranatha! album called “The Everlastin’ Jesus Music Concert” (available on itunes).
Joy later joined Chuck Butler, Pat Patton & Donny Kobyashi to form the group Parable. Joy wrote & sang the title track for their first album “More Than Words” (available on itunes) released in 1975. I recognized their song “Peter James & John” from the radio the minute that I heard the chorus.
In 1975 Parable sang on Bob Cull’s album “Remember” and in 1976, Joy recorded Bob’s song “Open Our Eyes” on the Maranatha! album Praise II (to hear Joy’s version of the song, click on the link. If you search amazon’s MP3 site or itunes for the Maranatha! album Praise 2, it is a re-recording of the album and Joy is not the singer on “Open Our Eyes”). Joy left Parable before their second album was recorded to marry Bob Cull. In 1979 they released the album “Windborne”. This album was never released on CD (I have this album remastered on CD and if anyone is interested in a copy, send me an email at: joshua@lisadaggs.net). You can listen to the following songs from the album by clicking on the titles, “Sail Away” & “Only The Beginning“. In 1984 they released their second album “Last Horizon”. You can listen to the entire album, side one & side two.
Later the Cull’s divorced. As far as I know Joy hasn’t done any recording since the mid 80’s but last night I found the site Ear To Hear Music. Joy, along with brother-in-law Vincent Peddle and many others, worked on a worship album titled “Textures Of Worship” which was ten years in the making and was released in December 2009. “Textures Of Worship” is available for digital download from amazon.com’s MP3 site as well as itunes. Joy has one of the best voices in Christian music (in my opinion). Out of all the songs she has recorded I think my favorite is “Got To Decide” which she wrote and sang on the album with Bob Cull “Last Horizon”. This song, although written by Joy, was recorded by Parable on their second album “Illustrations” in 1977 after Joy left the group. It is the first song on the this link for side B of the “Last Horizon” album. Give it a listen.



  1. All’s I can say is wow! It was so nice to listen to By The Sea Shore, always brings my heart joy!

  2. High Josh, I think I remember you. I was Pastor Bob’s first deacon when we fellowship at a very small chapel in Central Valley. We then grew and moved to the school in Chico and then to Bremerton where I got married. Later of course he stepped down as Pastor and left the church and then divorced Joy. E mail me if you like so we can catch up on old times. God bless you.

  3. Thank you so much for providing a way for me to listen to “Only the Beginning” once again! We had that in our wedding almost 31 years ago, and did not have a copy of it anymore. So glad I found your page!

  4. Hi, I tried to email you about a digital copy of the Windborne album but the email bounced as undeliverable…

  5. Hello… I’m very interested in a digital copy of the Cull’s work. Please send me an email!

  6. Hello, thank you for sharing this post with these beautiful praise songs, so many of which I’ve never heard before. I just recently learned of Bob Cull’s worship music. My wife has always sing a song called Broken Bread that she learned at a church in California, but we never knew who wrote it until I was trying to look up the chords and discovered Bob Cull wrote it and I was so blessed to listen to his other praise songs as well. I came across your blog when looking up info about his songs. It somewhat saddened me to learn that him and Joy divorced, also that the church he was recently teaching at closed. Do you know if their divorce was biblical? Also, do you know why the church in Maine which Bob Cull was a pastor at closed? It’s obvious to me that the Lord definitely has produced some beautiful fruit through their lives in the past and its on my heart to pray for them. Lord bless!

  7. We sang “Only The Beginning” at our wedding 24 years ago. Loved that song. Unfortunately the AC trac is not good anymore. I would like to be able to get a new accompaniment trac of it so we can sing again at our 25th anniversary. Can anyone help?

  8. Just dug out my old Windborne album and am listening to it now at almost 1 am in Brandon, MS. Still LOVE it. Googled their names and your post was the first I came across. So sorry to hear they are divorced. I would love a CD of this album since I am playing it on a record player. Thank you!

  9. In 1979 they released the album “Windborne”. This album was never released on CD (I have this album remastered on CD and if anyone is interested in a copy, send me an email at: joshua@lisadaggs.net). Is this still available? I tried sending an email but it said the address was invalid. This was also the song we had at our wedding 37 years ago, and I’d love to be able to have this cd! Hope to hear from you soon.

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