Alice by Sara Flanigan

April 19, 2010

Back in Jr. High school, I started to read the book “Alice” by Sara Flanigan. For whatever reason I stopped reading it about half way through. I became interested in the story because it was the book that the movie “Wildflower” was based off of. I loved that movie and watched it a lot as a kid. I haven’t seen it in years. I didn’t realize it back then but it stars Reese Witherspoon. I recently picked up a copy of the book and the other day started reading it. I read it in less then 48 hours. The book has 306 pages and 48 chapters. Here is the amazon.com book description:
A story of inner strength, of ordinary people helping others overcome hardship with the extraordinary power of love. Young Ellie finds the courage to secretly teach a young deaf girl to speak, play, and count–transforming an entire town shadowed by ignorance and cruelty.”
It was a really good book and I’m so glad that I went back and re-read it. It is such an awesome story. I would highly recommend it to all. It is sad and can be a bit emotional at times but the over all theme of the book is that love can do anything. It is well worth the read and you won’t be disappointed! After you read the book, make sure to watch the movie. I have it in my netflix.com queue and should get it soon to watch. I know it will soon be an instant watch on netflix.com.


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