Moya Brennan Concert in Denver, CO

April 4, 2010

I flew to Denver this weekend to see family and to see Moya Brennan in concert. I just happened to be off this weekend so it worked perfectly. Moya Brennan’s concert was so amazing last night. Many know Moya as the voice of Clannad. My brother’s friend Susan joined me. The venue was small and intimate. It was packed out which is awesome. I hope this means she will be coming back out next time she comes to the states. As usual she did a number of her songs and Clannad hits. I was surprised that she didn’t do the Clannad song “In A Lifetime”. This was Clannad’s biggest hit, a duet with U2’s Bono. It had a good turn out. Her brother, who I met at her show in Holland a couple of years ago, remembered me instantly. I always enjoy chatting with him! Her amazing harp player, Cormac De Barra, remembered me as well. I spent some time with him and Moya in Los Angeles when she came over to promote her Christmas album the following year after my Holland Trip. Cormac had his CD at the show so I was finally able to get it. Sinead Madden, Moya’s fiddle player and back up singer, just released her first album so I was able to get that as well. She performed one song from the album and she did a great job. Moya recognized me too but couldn’t remember my name. Not surprised since the last time I saw her was more than 4 years ago. I got a number of pictures with her and her band. I have added them to facebook and myspace. Check them out. So much fun. Moya told me that she just completed an album with Cormac and will be released sometime this year. It should be amazing. I was the only one from the forum at the concert. I was hoping there would be others there. It was an amazing night! If you are unfamiliar with Moya’s music check out her website or you can get her music on itunes and amazon.


One comment

  1. hi! im MELISA you are very very lucky to have the oportunity to know Moya i dream with that but in my case i live in argentina so its extremely dificult to me to travel so far or that she came to argentina for a concert so.. maybe i would never know her and yhis makes me so sad bacause she realy likes me and i feel a deep admiration for her… well this is that i want to tell you..

    best wishes

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