Recent Adventures

March 15, 2010
So much has happened the last couple of weeks, I hardly know where to begin.
First of all you can see now that my blog has gotten a face lift. I have changed themes for my blog and it will soon appear at my joshuainman.org website instead of the old one. One thing I’m really excited about for this new blog is that I can feature my pictures in the photo banner. The current photo is a photo I took on my last photo trip on the Fiery Gizzard Trail out in Mounteagle, TN. To see all the photos from this trip, check out my photos on facebook or myspace. There are links to these sites to the right of the blog. I hope to be featuring a new photo each week here on my blog so come back often and check them out!
Thanks to the recommendation of some friends, I met with Kim Hill two weeks ago and am now her admin assistant. I am now in the process of learning the job. I’m really enjoying it. My job consists of answering general questions emailed in, sending out online orders, sending out Merch to Kim’s concerts, traveling with her to events when I’m not on the road with someone else, and a number of other things. There is a lot to learn but it has been fun so far. I can’t wait till I have it all down and can do everything without asking a million questions. Ha! The best part is I can work from home! Kim is an amazing musician. Let me know if you would like to book her for your event or for a concert! You won’t be disappointed.
In the last two weeks I watched 2 miniseries put out by the Sy Fy channel. They are amazing. The first one is Alice and is based off of Alice in Wonderland. The second one I watched last night and is called Tin Man and is based off of The Wizard Of OZ. They are modern day stories based off of the fairy tales. They are really good and would recommend them to everyone! I rented them through netflix. Tin Man is an instant watch on netflix right now.
I’m back on the road with Sheila Walsh again and am gone every weekend this month with her. It has been a lot of fun. We have finally gotten her new album at the concerts and and I was able to purchase one this last week. It is really good. It should be available on her website in April.
I’m excited for tonight because Michelle (my roommate) and her friend Tammy and I are getting together to have a Christopher Guest movie Marathon. Tammy and I love his movies and are trying to get Michelle into them. We are going to try to watch Best In Show, A Mighty Wind & Waiting For Guffman. It should be a lot of fun. I recently found a book called “Best In Show: The Films Of Christopher Guest And Company” (see the picture). I just started reading it. I am a big Christopher Guest fan so can’t wait to read more of the book! Tonight should be a lot of fun.

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