Lisa Harper & David Meece

February 15, 2010

I have had a busy but fun weekend. On Friday, I joined Lisa Harper in Russellville, KY. She had a speaking engagement at a little country church up there. It was great to get to know her better. We got to sit next to each other on a flight to Nashville a couple of times and I have seen her at Women Of Faith in passing but it was great to spend some time together. We have so much in comon so it made for great conversation and a really enjoyable trip. I really enjoyed getting to listen to her speak. She knows the scripture so well and is a great story teller. She weaves the storys with her humor and could keep anyones attention. She really has a way of making it so you can find yourself in scripture. She has such a great heart for people. It was a very enjoyable weeknd. I have read some of her books and would highly recommend them to you. Check out her online store at her website.
Yesterday afternoon, I braved the weather and drove to Paris, TN. It is about 2 1/2 hours away from Nashville. David Meece was in concert. I have wanted to see him in concert so many times but have never had the opportunity. Every time he is in concert here I’m usually traveling so I miss him. I got a little turned around but made it in time for the concert. I was a little nervous about the weather since it was suppose to snow but I made it home last night before it stated to snow. It was an enjoyable evening. David sang and shared his testimony. He is so animated (which I knew from his live album from the 80’s). I got to meet him afterwards. I grew up on his music and have been a fan for years so it was so nice to get to meet him. Part of me was scared to take the trip since I don’t like driving where I have never been but it was good to get out of my comfort zone and get out there. I am so glad that I went. This was a great couple of days!
I just finished Sheila Walsh’s brand new book “Beautiful Things Happen When A Woman Trusts God”. It was really good. Sheila shares her journey in learning to trust God and takes a number of Biblical characters and what they taught her about trusting God. I would recommend it to all. I also just finished Nate Sallie’s book “Sing Through Me”. It is the stories behind the songs from his album “Ruined For Ordinary”. It was a great book. I went through it like daily devotional. I would recommend it to all Nate Sallie fans.


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