Leave Your Legacy

February 2, 2010

I have joined forces with my good friend Ronda Sherrick in her business called Leave Your Legacy. Ronda started Leave Your Legacy with a vision to help people do just that. She interviews people and puts together video presentations for families so when loved ones pass on, their memories and legacy are left behind for the family.
I have joined Leave Your Legacy as the photo organizer and preserver. I can scan slides, negatives and photos on to discs to be preserved and kept. I understand that most people don’t have time to go to Walmart or Target and sit there and scan photos. I used to do this and it would take hours. Also once you have cropped the picture the way you want it, the machines would often re-crop them and does not allow you to fix it. It can be very frustrating. People also have boxes of slides taking up space in closets. I am finishing up a project for a friend. I took her parents 2100 slides and scanned them to discs and am now editing them. Her family is so excited to have the pictures. They can then take the discs to a store and make prints. Once the items have been scanned, I can provide basic editing to correct bad color or remove dust spots. To see more about what services Leave Your Legacy offers, check out our website at:  http://www.leaveyourlegacy.org/. Click on Photo Services to read more about what I can do and to see some examples. Let me help you leave your legacy for years to come.


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