Moorstown, NJ

January 25, 2010

This last weekend, Sheila Walsh and I went to Moorstown, NJ where Sheila was speaking. Moorstown is about 3o  minuites from Philidelphia. We had a lot of fun. The people at the church were so nice and friendly and everyone seemed to really enjoy the event. The comment I got was that it far exceeded their expectations. Yeah God!!
I finished the “God Has A Dream For Your Life” audio book on my trip. The number one thing that I got out of the book, besides what I shared before, is that, just like the wicked witch of the west, the devil can’t touch us and doesn’t have power over us but he banks on our ignorance and the fact that we don’t seem to realize this. I need a new reminder each day of this. I give in to stuff to easily and quickly! The only power the devil has over me is what I give him. Good reminder!
I got a copy of Sheila’s new book and it is all about TRUST. Boy have been having such a hard time trusting the Lord the last 10 years. This book seems very timely. Sheila told me that she has never been so personally connected to a book that she has written before. I can’t wait to start it.
This weekend we will be in Roseville, CA at Bayside for an event. Contact the church for tickets or more information.



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