Insights form God Has A Dream For Your Life

January 21, 2010

I have decided to go back over Sheila Walsh‘s book “God Has A Dream For Your Life” with the unabridged audio book (avalible to download from itunes right now for only $4.95). I read this book back in 2007 for one of my required reading books for Women Of Faith. In chapter one Sheila shares the story of when Paul, Silas, Timothy & Luke when to visit Philipi. A women who has been possessed by an evil spirit was following them shouting this is Paul servant of the most high God. When Paul cast out the spirit her masters became mad since they could no longer make money off of her. They reported them to the officials saying that they were causing a riot. Paul and Silas were arrested, beaten severely and thrown in jail. The thing that got me was that Sheila pointed out that, that night they began to praise the Lord in their trouble and not question why he would allow that to happen to them while they were serving the Lord. When I was in the Philippines with YWAM, I came back burned out and tired of picking up my cross and following the Lord. I have laid down my cross and it has been so hard to pick it back up. I am so quick to get angry at the Lord and question His wisdom. I’m not even sure what all is going on in my head but I know that I do feel I was neglected. How could God allow this to happen to Me when I’m serving you is something that I have asked so many times. Paul and Silas had a very different approach. Oh Lord forgive me for not picking up my cross and following you but allowing the circumstances of this life to get me down. Remind me to Praise your name in every situation and to drag my will back in line with your will. I need to obey and follow you no matter what happens.


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