Happy New Year

January 16, 2010

Hello everyone. It has been a while since I have written. I’m not much of a New Years Resolution kind of guy but this year I am hoping to be better at writting! Well I can at least try.
I had a great Christmas and New Year at home! Happy to be home for a couple of weeks.
Starting this coming week, I will be doing Merch for Sheila Walsh’s “When A Women Trusts God” Tour. The tour is based off her new book “Beautiful Things Happen When A Women Trusts God” due out on February 16th. It will be avalible in Book, Audio Book & (I’m sure) Kindle form. Pick your copy up where ever Christian books are sold. I’m looking forward to getting back out on the road again.
Women Of Faith is making some changes to their normal schedule this year. Instead of doing one tour of around 30 dates like they have always done, they are splitting the tour in half and doing two mini tours. Because they are going on at the same time, I can only do one of them. I’m hopping for the West Coast tour but haven’t been told yet which tour I’ll be on. I will let y’all know when I know. The West Coast tour is called “Imagine” & the East Coast tour is called “Over The Top”. You can check out the schedule at: womenoffaith.com.
I have recently joined my friend’s business called “Leave Your Legacy“. It is a service for people who want to preserve their memories. We do video interviews that are put into a video presentation for families so when their loved ones pass on they can leave something behind. I have joined as the photo director. I am in charge of scanning photos, negatives and slides to discs so they can be preserved. I also do simple editing like cropping, color correction, and dust and spot removing. From there, we can do slide shows, photo books and number of other great things. If you are interested in checking out our services, check out our website at: leaveyourlegacy.org. My page is not completly done yet but will be soon.
I hope this finds you all having a great new year so far! I am. Until next time.


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