November 3, 2009

Hello everyone, I lost my password for a while and so I was unable to update this for some time. I have found a way to do it so I’m back in business.

Since I posted last, I have been with WOF to Atlanta, GA, Anaheim, CA, Philadelphia, PA, Denver, CO, Phoenix, AZ, Portland, OR, St. Paul, MN, & Oklahoma City, OK. I have also done two dates with Sheila Walsh in Philadelphia, PA & Parker, CO. The picture above is with Sheila Walsh in Parker, CO. Boy I didn’t realize it had been so long since I posted. This week, I’m heading to Greensboro, NC. I got to visit family in Denver and Phoenix which was great. Our tour season is winding down. I’m looking forward to having some time off the road but will miss it. Next year’s scheudle will be different as there are two 15 date tours going on and I’m not sure which one I will be on. I will also be doing a mini tour with Sheila which will be fun. Dates and places to come.
Last week, Reba & Michelle and I got to attend a TV taping for a show that will be aired this Christmas for the military over seas and at select military bases around the country. The taping took place at the Grand Ole Opery and featured Amy Grant & Take 6. It was a lot of fun. I have never been to a TV taping before.
Please say a prayer for Pasty Clairmont’s son, Marty. He is in the hospial and is not doing very well. I just pray for the family that the Lord will statain them and will be near them in this time. I pray God’s will to be done in this siutation. He knows best even when we don’t understand.


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