WOF in Dallas, TX

August 25, 2009

DSCN2772This last weekend we had our conference in Dallas, TX. The WOF office is in Plano, TX just north so there were a lot of office people at the conference this weekend. We also had a lot of people come in from Thomas Nelson in Nashville. Too bad I didn’t get to meet any of them. The big thing that I was excited about was getting to see Tex and her son. Tex left the WOF staff last year to give birth. Her son is so cute. It was great getting to see her. I have really missed her so much.
Another cool thing about the weekend was getting to meet actress Yvette Nicole Brown. I totally recognized her from the new Digiorno Pizza commercial. On Friday when I was in catering for lunch she sat next to me and we got talking. She has done bit parts in commercials, TV shows and movies. Check out her Internet Movie Database (IMDB) page to see what else she has done. She will be part of a new ABC show called Community. She was in Dallas shooting a video for the Revolve Tour as she will be one of the speakers. She and I had a great conversation. She came up to the concourse and visited my table. I got a picture with her. I did my sold my second highest amount of Pick-A-Pack’s this weekend. It was great! I had a great group of volunteers. See the picture below. This weekend I will be heading to Atlanta, GA. We have to drive which will be interesting to see all the scenery.


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