Seattle, WA WOF

July 28, 2009

DSCN2286Okay I know it has been a long time since I did a post. I have been so busy with all the traveling with WOF that I have had little time for anything else. Sorry for all the volunteers that I have had that I didn’t get your pictures up on my blog. You can check my myspace for your pictures. Since I wrote last, I have been to Rochester, NY, Hartford, CT, St. Louis, MO, San Jose, CA, Cleveland, OH & Seattle, WA. I have had some great volunteers and had a lot of fun with my friends on the road. I love my job and getting to travel almost every week. I love living in hotels. On the weeks, I travel I am only home on Monday and Tuesday so I have to fit everything I need to do during the week in that time. That is why I don’t always write. I always mean well. After St. Louis, MO & before San Jose, CA I went up to my Mom’s house for a family reunion. I plan to get some pictures up and a blog about that but I have so many photos to edit and go through. Once I get done I will write a blog about it. While in Seattle, I took three friends on a ferrie ride to Bremerton and back to see where I grew up. The pictures in my blog are taken from that trip. I took a number of awesome photos. I will be adding them to myspace and facebook hopefully next week so keep your eyes peeled. Because I was just in the area for the family reunion, I didn’t stay after to see family and friends.
I finished Patsy Clairmont’s new book “Catching Fireflies.” It was cleverly written and funny. Check it out!
I am heading to Washington, D.C. tomorrow morning for another WOF conference.


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