WOF in Billings, MT & Spokane, WA

June 2, 2009

dscn1295The last two conferences have gone well. First we were in Billings, MT. It has been two years since we have been to Billings last. There is no concourse so our booths were all in an exhibit hall off the arena. Since all the booths were in the same room, we were able to take turns going in to the conference and watching the show. I was blown away by Mandisa. She has some awesome music. I went home and purchased a number of songs from amazon.com’s mp3 site. I had three great volunteers. Jennifer was a recurring volunteer that I had two years ago. It was great fun. See picture above.
This last weekend we were in Spokane. I went in a day early so I could see my Sister and her family. They live about 3o minutes outside of Spokane. Mom and Leah came to the conference. I was really excited that Mom got to come. I was after her for 3 years to come and she finally was able to come. She told me that she was impressed with the conference so that was awesome. I was disappointed that Mom didn’t get a chance to meet Sheila but maybe next time.  Everyone commented that the talent did better in Spokane then they had done all year. It was a great conference! I had another great group of volunteer’s. See the picture below. The two on my left, I have had twice before, in Spokane and Portland last year. I have been blessed with great volunteer’s this weekend so far. It was awesome to see Mom, Leah and Leah’s family! I leave for Rochester, NY tomorrow. 


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