Jenifer Thigpen

May 24, 2009

Hello everyone-
Just wanted to let you know that my friend, Jenifer Thipgen just released her debut self titled album. I have gotten to know Jen over the last three years working at Women Of Faith. Even though this is her first CD, she is no stranger to recording. She is a former member of the group Truth and the Women Of Faith worship team and been featured on a number of their recordings. Her version of the song “Rescue” from the Women Of Faith CD “Contagious Joy” blew me away the first time I heard it. You can listen to it on her myspace page. Jen has also been a part of Walt Disney World’s group Voices Of Liberty at Epcot. Jen is a favorite stand in that Avalon uses when one of the girls are not able to be at a concert. I own a copy of Jen’s new album and it is amazing. You can order your copy today at her website. I know that I promote a lot of different music but if you don’t pay attention to any other music I recommend you have to to check this one out! Her album is a must have. You will not be¬†disappointed. She has become one of my favorite singers.


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