WOF in Des Moines

May 7, 2009


dscn1233Hey all, it has been a busy week. This last weekend I was with Women Of Faith in Des Monies. I flew in early on Wednesday so I used my Nashville Zoo membership to go to the Des Monies Zoo. It was a little disappointing but I did get some really good photos so I guess I shouldn’t complain too much. The conference went well. I had three great volunteers, a mother and her two daughters. They did a great job and helped me tie for the most pre-orders sold for the conference DVD’s. It was a fun weekend. On my lay over in Chicago I got to hang out with Mike Kofahl. Mike joined the tour this year as a World Vision Rep. He used to be one of the original members of the group Austins Bridge. They won a Dove Award a couple of years ago. Mike is a great guy and I have enjoyed getting to know him more. Also my good friend, Jenifer Thigpen just completed her album and it should be out soon. I am so excited as she is one of my favorite singers. Jenifer used to be on the Women Of Faith worship team and is now on the concourse team. Keep an eye out for her album. I will do a post about it as soon as it is available. 
For you Lisa Daggs fans, we hope to have all her albums in MP3 formate available in her online store by next week. If you are looking for her music, stop by her store and buy some songs. 
I am trying to go digital so I am trying to sell all my CD’s so I can buy the MP3’s. Check out my ebay page. You might find something you like!

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