WOF in Columbus, OH

April 28, 2009

sc00227facThis last weekend we where in Columbus, OH for Women Of Faith. It was a lot of fun. We film our conference DVD each year in Columbus so it is always a packed arena. I had 2 awesome volunteers, Angela & Julie. We sold more Pick-A-Pack’s then I have ever sold at my booth before. It kept us so busy but we had a lot of fun. We came up with a cheer that we where only able to use on Friday evening since it was too busy on Saturday. We would shut out what was on our card as we held it up. You can see what I mean in the photo! This weekend, I am heading to Des Monies, Iowa! 
I have gotten into zoos lately. I have never lived close to the zoo before but I am a couple of miles away from the Nashville Zoo so I got a membership. I have been there twice so far and it is a lot of fun. It is not the biggest zoo but I have gotten a lot of great photos which can be seen on Facebook & Myspace. Last weekend I went to the Columbus Zoo and this weekend, I will go to the Des Monies Zoo. My membership gets me in free or 50% off to most zoo’s around the country. This is the year for zoos! ha! Below is my favorite picture I have taken so far from the Nashville Zoo. 


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