Sheila Walsh

April 15, 2009

9780849901355I just finished Sheila Walsh’s book “Let Go.” It was very good and I would highly recommend it to you. If I could sum it up into one sentence it would be: Let go of the things that are holding you down so you can be free to live the life that God intended for you to live. A lot of the subjects of the book where not new to me but it was so good to get a reminder!  The biggest thing that I got out of the book was from Chapter 8 ” Let Go And Live In Christ’s Victory” under the section “Placing Your Life Before God.” Sheila talks about hearing Luis Palau speak at an event in 1980 where she was leading worship. She says, “He said that every time my will is at odds with the revealed will of God, than taking up my cross every day meant dragging my will back in line with revealed will of God and placing my life under his protective care again.” It was so easy to know that when I was in the Philippines as a missionary that I was taking up my cross to follow Jesus. Living back here in the States, it has been a lot harder for me to understand what it looks like so this makes sense to me. In Chapter of 2 “This Dead Religion Is Past It’s Sell By Date.” I was also convicted on how fast I am to judge people. It is like I am doing it subconsciously and don’t realize I am doing it until I am already doing it. I am trying to be more conscious of when I am doing it. I have to take every thought captive. There have been times when I have gotten mad at people and judged them and then found out why they did what they did. I was left ashamed for my thoughts. I need to be quick to extend grace instead. In Chapter 7 “The Trouble With Temptation Is That It’s Just So Tempting.” It is so easy to look at the Israelites and wonder how they could turn away from the Lord and follow those gods when they have seen what God has done for them. Sheila talks about how when we give in to our temptations, we are just like those Israelites who choose their way over Gods. I am more like them than I would like to think. It is so scary to think about. What a miracle that God is so patient with me. It was a really good book and I would highly recommend it to everyone. I just started Marilyn Meberg’s new book “What To Do When The Roof Caves In” & “Healing Waters” by Nancy Rue & Steve Arterburn. It is the sequel to their book “Healing Stones.”

I am heading to Colorado this weekend to run Merch for Sheila at an event in Parker. I am not sure I will get to see my brothers there. I am hoping that it works out. It will be good to get on the road. Then next week I head back out with Women Of Faith. We will be having our conference in Columbus, OH.

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