Lost Season Five

April 1, 2009

lost_s5_w402This weeks show is crazy again. After five years of Lost they still know how to catch you.
In last weeks episode we see how Sayid got to the island. They are all in the 70’s and are part of the Dharma Initiative but Sayid comes in from a different area and they think he is one of the others so he is put in prison. Ben (as a boy) lets him out of jail so they both can escape back to the others. But Sayid shoots Ben and leaves him for dead thinking that is the reason he is brought back to the island.
This weeks episode, they take Ben to Juliet to work on but she can’t do anything for him so she asks Jack. Jack will not do anything for him so they have to take him to the others or he will die. Richard tells Kate and Sawyer that if they leave Ben with him, his innocence will be gone and he will be forever one of them. It is all so mysterious. I just love this show! The preview for next week looks amazing. I can hardly wait.


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