WOF in Shreveport, LA

March 30, 2009


dscn0782This weekend I was with Women Of Faith in Shreveport. It was my first time to Louisiana. I arrived on Wednesday afternoon before the big storm came in. A tornado touched down some where in our area but not sure where. It was pouring rain. I found out that I would not be signing in volunteers this weekend since the arena double booked and Thursday night there would be another hockey game so we could not put World Vision bags on the chairs. So we did our set up and then that evening, the inventory guys went back to the arena to watch the booths and make sure the people who came in for the game didn’t steel anything. Friday morning we got up and went to the arena. My volunteers this weekend were great. If you are looking at the picture, from left to right, Carrie & Reba. This is my 3rd time to work with Reba but first time to work with her friend Carrie. We had a great time. We sold a lot for being in the back side of the arena. With my volunteer’s help I think I signed up close to 30 people for Women Of Faith Visa cards. Thanks Reba & Carrie for your hard work. It was a great weekend. The conference was well received! I am now off from WOF until the week of April 24. But I will be traveling with Sheila Walsh to Parker, CO on April 17th & 18th. I am looking forward to it. It should be a lot of fun!

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