March 18, 2009

lost_s5_w402Oh My Gosh. Lost is so good. I own the all the seasons on DVD, why should I be surprised.  Well as of right now, Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sayid have returned to the island and are back in the 70’s with the Darma Initiative. Juliet, Sawyer & Jin are already working there. Sun & Ben are back in normal time on the island so they are separated from the group. They meet up with Christian Shephard (Jack’s father) and he tells Sun that she has a journey ahead of her. Sayid is thought to be one of the others so they have him in prison while Sawyer tries to figure out a way to save him. It is so wild. It will be interesting to figure out how it all comes together and they get back to real time. I wonder when we will see the smoke monster again. I just hope they don’t ruin the show with something stupid. Hopefully they know where they are taking it.


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