Rachael Yamagata

March 17, 2009

dscn0650Last night I got to see Rachael Yamagata live in concert. I have been a fan for a couple of years now and I finally got to see her live. I found out that Cory Chisel was opening for her. I had never heard of him so I was a little skeptical of him but he blew me a way. He has an amazing voice. Rachael said that he will be with her at the next couple of shows. When I got to the venue, there where two ladies there and we became friends. I was 3rd in line. We got right up to the stage. There was standing only. It was hard on my feet but so worth it. Rachael was amazing. I really enjoyed her. I took some photos that I have posted on my facebook profile and myspace. You will have to check them out. She finished her set around midnight. I waited after to see her and got to meet her. She signed a couple of CD’s. I was able to buy the shirt that I wanted that I had seen on her website. I also got a three song EP that she used to have up on her online store but is no longer there. I am so glad she had hard copies of it. It was a great evening. If Rachael is coming to your area, you should totally check her out. She is amazing.


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