WOF in Kansas City, MO

March 15, 2009

dscn0613This weekend was the first Women Of Faith event for the year. It was so good to get on the road again & see all the staff. Like last year I am on the merchandise team and so I go in a day early to help set up. This year I am also helping to sign in the Thursday volunteers as well. This year, there are a lot less merchandise tables so it doesn’t take me quite so long to get my job done. 
Friday morning we went in early to have a quick training before the event started. The morning session (no longer called the Pre-Conference) featured Marilyn Meberg, Sandi Patty & Steve Arterburn. The main event featured Sheila Walsh, Patsy Clairmont, Marilyn Meberg, Allison Allen, Lisa Whelchel, Lisa Harper, Mandisa & Steven Curtis Chapman. It went well. Due to the resection that we seem to be in, I was not sure how we would do in selling the Pick-A-Pack bags but we did really well. I think all departments met there sales goals. I had a great group of volunteers which can be seen in the picture. They were a lot of fun and kept me laughing! Thanks for your hard work ladies! Check out my facebook and myspace site for more photos from the weekend. Lisa Harper and I have become friends and so it was good to see her this weekend again. One of my highlights was that she introduced me to her good friend Kim Hill. I still have not seen Kim in concert. I hope I will get a chance one of these days.  It was a great weekend and a good way to kick off the year.


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