Ashley Cleveland

February 20, 2009

picofweekTonight Ashley Cleveland was singing at 3rd And Lindsey, down town Nashville. Reba and I went to see her. I had only seen her once before when I was living in San Rafael, CA. She is a friend of one of the worship team members in our church so he brought her in. I ran her Merchandise table, I know, big surprise right? So anyway. Her performance was great tonight. She has got such a great voice. Her nephew (forgot the name) opened for her. He just turned 20 so he is a young singer song writer. His songs are a bit corny but he has to start some where. He has a nice voice. He sang three songs and then Ashley came up. Reba and I were off to the left hand side of the stage and right under the speakers so it was loud. It was not a great place to hear a good mix of the evening but it was still very enjoyable. Ashley sang a couple of songs from her up coming album “God Don’t Never Change” due out in May. She said it was a collection of old gospel songs done in Ashley’s signature sound. She also sang a number of older songs. She did more from “Second Skin” then any other album including her song “Broken Places” which is probably my second favorite Ashley song. “Second Skin” is probably my favorite of her full length album. After the show, I went up and had her sign a CD. She told me that I looked familiar and I told her that I ran her Merch table back in 2003 in California. She was shocked that she remembered me from back then. It made my evening! It was an enjoyable evening. I am so glad that I got to go.


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