Lost The Magazine

February 4, 2009

4e08_1I am huge fan of the TV show Lost. I know most of you probably know that about me. I wanted to watch the show from the very begining but I was not able to because I had some things going on the night it aired. So when the first season came out, I bought it and fell in love with it. It was like a good book I could not put down. I watched the whole season and special features in a week. By then the second season had already started so I have been playing catch up by buying the seasons each time they come out. I am finally caught up and am able to watch it on TV with my roommates for the 5th season. I just recontly started getting into the Lost offical magazine. Back issues are $10.00 each and I they are going on their 21 issue. Through ebay, I have been able to buy 2 sets of magazines and have been able to purchase most of them. I now have a lot of reading to do to catch up on those magazines! It is such a fun show. I am also reading the book “Finding Lost” by Nikki Stafford. It is a guide to the first 2 seasons. I am going back through the first season as I read the book. It is so good to go back through them every once in a while so I can make sure I am all caught up on what is going on. I think next season is the last Lost season. It will be so sad to see it go.


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