LOST Episodes 2 & 3

January 28, 2009


Episode 2-The Lie:
Jack, Kate, Sayid & Sun all decided to lie about what happened to the people on the island. Hurley does not want to lie but no one will back him up if he tires to tell the truth. The lie is eating him up in side and he is having a hard time with it.  The island is in a whirl wind at the moment. They survivors keep being propelled into different times of the island’s past. It is leaving them in chaos and Fairday is trying to figure out what is going on. Ben is trying to get the Oceanic six to return to the island for it is the only way stop what is happening and to make sure those left behind do not die. Kate has Aaron and is now on the run after some attorney’s tried to get a blood sample of her and Aaron to see if he is really Kates son. Sayid has broken Hurley out of the mental institution and had to kill some people. Hurley is thought to be the killer. Hurley’s father takes Sayid to Jack since he was shot with a dart and is out cold. His father tells Jack to leave Hurley alone which will not work if he is helping Ben get everyone back to the island. When Ben goes to Hurley’s house to talk him into going with him to Jack, Hurley turns himself into the cops. He doesn’t trust Ben for good reason but I kind of wish he would have gone with Ben. It will be interesting this season to see how Ben & Jack convice the others to go back to the island.
Episode 3-Jughead:
In this episode Penny gives birth to her and Desmonds baby. They named him Charlie since Charlie died on the island at the end of the 4th season. They head to the UK to find Fairday’s Mother. Fairday told Desmond to hunt her down in a previous episode. As he serched for Fairday’s mother he finds out that back when Fairday was still doing experiments at Oxford, he did one on a women that has left her in a coma. Turns out that Widmore was funding Fairday’s research and is paying to take care of the girl. He goes to see Widmore and gets Fairday’s mothers address from him. She is in Los Angeles. Fairday and the others from the frater arrive at the river that they were suppose to meet Sawyer and Juliet. A bomb goes off and leads the others to where they are waiting. The others tie them and bring them back to camp. Richard is the leader of the group. On another part of the island, Sawyer, Lock & Juliet have two of the  others at gun point. Lock, Sawyer and Juliet end up going to the Others camp and Lock talks to Richard. In a previous episode Richard hands John a compass and tells him to give it to him when they meet again. Turns out that Charles Whitenmore was one of the others one the island. Desmond’s story happens in real time and the story that is taking place on the island is in 1954. Charlette is showing the same signs that Desmond showed when he got to the frater. She is having headaches and is now bleeding from the nose. It doesn’t look good for her. It is funny how Widmore is popping up every where. He is begining to become a major charactor in this show. We found out in the last season that Widmore and Ben are at war with each other. Widmore had Ben’s daughter (a girl he kidnapped) killed and so Ben is trying to kill Widmores daugther (Desmond’s wife). Sun is trying to kill Ben since she holds him responcable for her husband’s death. She holds someone else responsable but that has yet to be revealed. Could it be Kate since she was suppose to get Jin to the helicopter at the end of the 4th season and did not do it? 

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